I’m the Guy that did the Tinkernut 3D-Print Renderings


Would You like to Collaborate on a Project(s)? Everyone needs a Q or a Watson behind the scenes 🙂 I’m the Guy that did the Tinkernut 3D-Print Renderings, hope you didn’t mind the one-tooth smile too much, thought it made the logo fun… Anyway, I live in Las Vegas, work on items for magicians, do a lot of Robotic SteamPunk themed items, and have a workshop full of fun tools and SolidWorks CAD Software to make Photo-Realistic Renderings and 3D-Simulations of moving mechanical parts etc… Maybe you need some moving parts video clips for your videos to better visually explain a project and/or how something works… Always Gratis and free and Just for Fun… Easy to draw just about anything and saved to an STL to then be 3D-Printed … It’s my Hobby. CHEERS!! https://ctmprojectsblog.wordpress.com/about/


Thanks so much for the offer! You’re work is pretty awesome! I’ll definitely keep you in mind. I generally try to to do most things myself, but being such a novice, it’s sooo time consuming for me, so it would be nice to have some assistance. As you can tell, I’m definitely trying to change up my theme and designs, so I’ll absolutely let you know if I need some help!

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