motion triggered music


Hi, your videos are great! I want to use the technology here, . When the Hershey kiss is opened, it sings music. I want to use this idea and hook it up to my keurig coffee maker and have it play our wedding song for my wife. So when she opens the keurig an old Duke Ellington standard, Black Beauty will play through my sony speakers which can easily be hidden behind the keurig. I just need the opening of the keurig to trigger the music. How can I do something like this and how much do you charge? I will need to somehow load the music from ITunes onto something that will play when triggered by motion. Thanks! You can email me at


Hi cmars6198! Unfortunately I don’t do commissioned projects. The projects I make are intended to instruct people how to create their own. It sounds like what you’re wanting to do is create something that plays music whenever an action is performed. Here’s some good tutorials that may assist you in creating this:

Good luck!

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