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Laser Cutter from Old DVD drives

Create a mini-laser cutter using salvaged parts from old DVD/CD-rom drives.

9 votes

Simple Wireless Charger

Explore the technology around wirless charging and make a simple wireless charger.

2 votes

How To Create Your Own Internet

Why do we have to connect through service providers (Verizon, AT&T, etc) to connect to the internet? Why can’t we just connect directly to it without having to pay? The theory behind making your own internet is actually pretty simple. It’s called “mesh-networking“.

1 vote

Raspberry pi as a bluetooth transmitter

in this video: you showed us how you can use bluetooth using a smartphone but instead of using a smartphone maybe you can teach us how to use a raspberry pi acting like the bluetooth transmitter

1 vote

Different Ways To Extend Wi-Fi

Explore wi-fi signals and how to stretch them as far as they can possibly go.

A spherical 360 video camera from Raspberry Pi

There are many very expensive solutions to the trending 360 image/video concept. Maybe there is a more practical way to accomplish this?

Raspberry pi motion detecting cctv camera

Using a raspberry pi, and its camera module, create a cctv camera that when it detects motion emails you, and starts streaming the live video to a website where you can view it

Darknet Node for secure personal mesh (or not darknet too!)

Create a secure mesh network with special attention to a DNS and DHCP kind of support for IPV6. This would allow for a ‘private internal network’. With optional gateway to either the internet or the darknet (optional, but still intelectually interesting.

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Homemade Digital Camera

Using a Raspberry Pi to make a Digital Camera. Similar to this instructables article by Ā gtoal, and this guide by adafruit.

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Digital Morse Code Translator

Explore the history and technology behind Morse Code and make a modern day Morse Code translator.morsecode